Voyager of the Seas 14 July 2007

7 Night Western Mediterranean cruise

Barcelona, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, Civitavecchia, Naples, Valletta, Palma De Mallorca, Barcelona

Our first cruise together

Voyager of the Seas was the first cruise ship that we as a couple sailed on together. This was to celebrate our marriage as this was our honeymoon.


7227 – Interior cabin at the aft (front) of the ship.

Royal King Size bed, TV, telephone, minibar, bathroom with shower, vanity area and a hair-dryer.

This cabin even though it was an interiors cabin it was quite spacious. It was located near some stairs and elevators and just a few decks above from the theatre.

As we was on deck 7 we had cabins situated above us and below us making this a great quite interrupted stateroom.

Voyager of the Seas - our cabin door 7227 with Jason

Our cruise adventure log    

We chose to go on a cruise for our honeymoon.  I have already sailed on three cruises before all with Royal Caribbean but this was Jason’s first event taste of cruising.

Day 1 – boarding the ship at Barcelona

The day before we boarded we went and visited the Catedral de Barcelona.

In Barcelona there is so much to do but as we was only there for the day we decided to visit the famous Barcelona Cathedral. It is quite Gothic with it’s statues and stained windows making it a stunning place to visit even if you are not religious.  Construction of the Barcelona cathedral started way back in the 12th century with it’s doors opening to the public 1298.  To this day it is still being built. I highly recommend a visit.

We also that day window shopped the High Street of Barcelona but like anywhere else in the world all the shops are more or less the same which you can get back home from Marks & Spencers to Nike so don’t expect anything different.


When we arrived at the port of Barcelona we was both blown away by Voyager of the Seas beauty and size and could not wait to board her. Within inside Voyager again she lived up to our expectations with her sheer splendour and elegance from the staircases to the open spaces.

Firstly we went and checked out the cabin we was staying in on our voyage and was a decent size. Time to unpack. The wardrobe though is quite small so be warned if you are like me and take so many clothes including the kitchen sink then you might struggle to hang everything up.

Before we could carry on and take our adventure of the ship it was time for the fire alarm so we both dawned on our life jackets and headed to the docking station.

Don’t we look stunning?

but laughing aside this is very essential and very important.

We then toured the ship to get our bearings. On every Royal Caribbean ship there are plenty of shops along a long parade and always a car. Why I am not quite sure.

In the evening as we was celebrating our first day of our honeymoon we decided to eat at Giovanni’s.  The waiters in the restaurant made us a special anniversary knot out of a handkerchief and even gave us a special celebratory cake.  This really was a great start to the cruise and our honeymoon making us feel very special.

After so much celebratory cake we then went on to the theatre and watched a show.  I can’t remember what the show was as this was over eleven years back and I have only decided to start writing blogs about my cruise holidays but whatever it was it would have been spectacular I am sure as Royal Caribbean always put on West End Style theatre entertainment. Plus sometimes they even hire in well known magicians, dancers, singers or comedians to perform on stage.

When we returned to our cabin we came across some lovely swans that had been made out of towels.  Very romantic.

Voyager of the Seas - Towel swans on the bed

Day 2 – Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France

We decided not to get off at Villefranche as we wanted to make the most of the ships facilities such as the pool.  So we mainly sat back and chilled and sipped on some cocktails.


So whilst chilling I ordered my favourite drink a Strawberry Daiquiri.  Then I ended up with another and another well let’s just say they might as well of bought me over the entire ship load as I could not stop drinking them. Jason could not stop drinking Pina Coladas.

Tonight was formal night. This means everyone has to dress up tonight so men dawn on their Tux and woman their cocktail dresses.


I loved that blue dress with butterflies on it but alas I now can’t fit in it anymore so long gone.

The meals in the main restaurant on formal nights usually have a better selection of meals to order. Tonight scallops was on the menu so we just had to order them as we both love scallops.  I remember the scallops being really large and Jason asking for more and they just then kept on bringing more and more out as they just love to please.

We played in the casino that afternoon as Jason felt like he was James Bond so that must of made me his Bond Girl that evening.

Day 3 – Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy

From this port you can go on an excursion to see the famous Roman Colosseum. So we did just that.  When we arrived we was in awe of it’s size and architecture.  It was also fascinating to hear about the history of the Romans and the many show fight’s that used to take place at this old stadium.


As this was quite a long day out for the rest of the evening we decided to chill in a bar area and yes you guessed it sip on some more Strawberry Daiquiris and in Jason’s case Pina Coladas.

However we did play some crazy mini golf in the evening. Playing at night though with strong wind from moving the high seas was most likely not a good idea.

Day 4 – Naples, Italy

Today we was originally going to go on an excursion and visit Pompeii but we decided not to as the weather was scorching hot. So we ended up staying on the ship and staying cool by using the pool and drinking many more cocktails.

Late afternoon we played some Bingo which alas we never won and in the evening we went and tried our luck at the casino which we got lucky.

Day 5 – Valleta, Malta

Valletta is the Capital City of Malta so if you are looking to shop then Valletta is the place to go.  Malta is well known for it’s lace and gold jewellery.  There are a vast range of shops which you can normally find back at home but I suggest looking at the more unusual craft shops that sell lace tablecloths, dresses etc.  There is also many cafes along Valletta’s main street. The most famous being Caffe Cordina. At Caffe Cordina you can buy a traditional Maltease pastry called a pastizz.  A Pastizzi is usually filled with ricotta or mushy peas.  It is really good and even though just consists of filo pastry and ricotta when I try making it back home it never tastes quite the same.

If you don’t really want to walk up and down the streets of Valletta though you can always take a more relaxing way and take in the sights of the surrounding area of Valletta by jumping on a horse and cart.

So relaxing, romantic and great for the environment.

Voyager of the Seas - Joanne and a horse and cart

I am half Maltese and so we also visited Vincent Micallef my grandad.  Who unfortunately is no longer around I miss him dearly but I am sure he is looking down at me and smiling as he always loved to smile.

Voyager of the Seas - Joanne and her grandad

In the evening we went and saw a spectacular show performed by Le Raff who literally swung through the air performing many stunts via a long red draped curtain. It was unbelievable and I have never ever forgotten them or their name. Alas though I have been trying to search them on the internet but I can’t find them so I assume they are obviously now retired.

Day 6 – at Sea

As we was at sea we decided to play a number of the quiz’s against other holiday makers.

In the afternoon we went along to a special party which we was invited to by the Captain as this was a way to say Happy Anniversary to all of us who was celebrating our anniversary or on our honeymoon. Was very special and lovely seeing others who was celebrating their marriages.  We was treated to a massive cake to share amongst us all.

Voyager of the Seas - Honeymoon and anniversary cake for all whom are celebrating

As this was a sea day and two days before we disembarked it was our second and last night to dress up to the nines. Before dessert the waiters paraded around the restaurant and finally all ending up on the stairs singing as to thank us all for our custom. We all in turn applauded them to thank them for their great service.

Plus on this day or should I say tomorrow they had a special midnight chocolate feast.  There was all sorts of figures carved out of chocolate from eagles to faces. With there also being so much chocolate our nostrils literally was overloaded with the smell of chocolate and when we went back to our room we smelt like we had been through Willy Wonkas chocolate factory.

Voyager of the Seas - midnight snack from midnight feast presented by Jason

Day 7 – Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands

Palma de Mallorca is a beautiful quint country set in the Baleric Islands.  Most of the buildings are made out of old stone, there is a fort/castle there and many quirky shops all hidden in small narrow streets with a few normal modern day shops.

We decided to discover Palma de Mallorca by taking a horse and cart tour in which we learnt so much about the place.

The horse and cart though was not just a good way to learn though more about Palma de Mallorca but it became one of our most funniest moments out of any holidays we have ever done as the horse was afraid of cover holes and grates in the road.  So when ever we came across a cover hole or a grate in the road the horse would stop sharply or do a funny dance around it.  Highly amusing I would loved to of known why though he was so scared something drastic must of happened to him in his younger years.

Voyager of the Seas - horse and cart


Back on board the cruise we decided to grab a burger and milkshake at the famous American chain Johnny Rockets.  This is a great place for a burger and some amusing entertainment by the waiters in where they all dance and sing at certain points throughout your dining time.  Plus you can select music you would like to be played form the juke boxes which are situated on each table.

Voyager of the Seas - Jason at Johnny Rockets

In the evening it was our last night on board so we just had to get a photo with the waiters that served us all throughout our cruise as they were wonderful.

Voyager of the Seas - us with our waiters

In the evening we went along to the theatre as there was a live version of Mr and Mrs quiz being played. However when we arrived they were looking for volunteers. As I love being on stage I just had to do it so my reluctant husband Jason decided to do it with me.  We came second which was quite good considering we have only known each other for a few years and literally only been married for just over a week.  However since that night he has never wanted to do Mr and Mrs again unfortunately.

Voyager of the Seas - us after coming second on Mr and Mrs show

Packing was now on the horizon as the sun was setting and it was coming to that time of disembarking.

Day 8 – disembarking the ship at Barcelona, Spain

After a good nights sleep it was up and off back to catch a plane back home.

I will miss Voyager of the Seas and fortunately not been back on her since as we have both been trying out other Royal Caribbean cruises but hopefully one day we will board her again.

Highlights and negatives


  • The midnight chocolate feast which is a chocolahoics dream like me.  There was so much chocolate to eat and so many chocolate carvings to admire.
    NOTE: However note this was back in 2007 and I am unsure if they do this anymore.
  • Le Raff which were the most amazing acrobatics / magicians I have seen.
  • The entertainment from the quiz’s to the West End style shows.
  • The Solarium which is a pool area just for adults is a nice area to chill out away from children.
  • The towel animals that we received at night on the bed especially our first towel animals of two swans.
  • Seeing one of the famous Vintage cars that resided on each of Royal Caribbean ships. This was a lovely red one.
  • The locations we visited all were interesting and we was lucky with the weather being so hot, even though maybe a tad too hot.


  • None that we can think of.


Pre-book any speciality dining restaurants to secure a table as they can get booked quickly.


As we took this cruise many years ago and we was not writing a blog back then we have not got a complete log of our trip but all we can say it was a magical one as this was our honeymoon after all.

Have you sailed on Voyager of the Seas recently and if so is she still as stunning?


NOTE: Royal Caribbean is always updating and improving their ships so I am sure that since my trip it has been updated. Discover the latest about Voyager of the Seas and upcoming itineraries via clicking here.

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