Anthem of the Seas 30 April 2015

3 Night Bruges Cruise

Southampton, Bruges, Le Harve , Southampton 

Our fourth cruise together

Anthem of the Seas was our fourth cruise and our first on a Quantum Class ship.  I was blown away by this cruise with it’s beauty and very modern splendour.  In fact this ship made me cry as I was so overpowered by it’s beauty and very modern interior.


9539 – Interior Virtual Balcony cabin at stern (front) of the ship.

Royal King Size bed, TV, virtual window, telephone, minibar, bathroom with shower, sofa bed, vanity area and a hair-dryer.

This cabin was located on deck 9.

As we was on deck 9 we had cabins above and below us making this a lovely quite room.  We was also only a few cabins away from the lifts and stairs.

Our cruise adventure log    

We decided to go on Anthem of the Seas which is the second newest ship to the Quantum class.

Day 1 – boarding the ship at Southampton

When checking in to board Anthem of the Seas we was given some wow bands instead of a plastic card.  So to purchase anything on board or to open the door of our cabin we had to use our wow bands.  Wow they certainly were handy rather than keep on getting out cards.

So upon boarding we both were truly blown away by her beauty. She was elegant in every way. There was so much art around the ship and very modern decor it made this ship like no other. In fact she made me cry because of her sheer elegance inside and out.

Around the ship there were so many different styles of chairs. These are just a selection of them all which I just had to sit in. My favourite being the red one as I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

In the lifts there are various photos of animals dressed up in clothes. These are just two of them.

Also on board there are so many fun activities to do from from the i-fly to Bumper cards.

If you get peckish on board as well there is an array of food restaurants.  Jason and I just had to try the hot dog.  They were delicious.

The first thing we done on board was order a drink from the Bionic Bar.  It was funny seeing two robots mixing and making drinks. Even though the drink was not that great compared to what a normal mixologist can produce it is worth doing even if just once on board just to see the robots at work.


In the afternoon we played an escape room as we just love escape rooms.  See my escape room adventures and blogs via my other blog Love Pop Ups London.  This escape room was an interesting one and set around gods, space and planets.  So if you are into Astrology then you will love this escape room.  Me and Jason ended up playing with a few other men. I was however very proud of myself as I managed to figure out most of the puzzles before anyone else. We managed to complete the game with just seconds to spare.  So I can happily say we cracked it.

In the evening before dinner we bumped into the Piano Man.  We originally heard about this guy that goes around the ship with his moveable piano but we initially thought that he was not real and was just a fake rumour going around but to our pleasure he was real.  He was brilliant from his music to his singing and he had such an amazing personality and made everyone laugh.  There is even secret compartments within his piano which contain sweets for children.  So if you go on Anthem of the Seas make sure to find the piano man as he is a joy to watch and gets everyone singing.

Today we dined in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. Yes that is right there is a Jamie’s Italian on board. So if you love Jamie Oliver and you love Jamie’s Italian chain then you won’t want to miss dining here to add to your list of Jamie’s Italian restaurant’s you have dined at. Was just as good as the one’s on land.

In the evening along the parade there was so much happening from parades to a celebrational cake welcoming us holiday makers on board.


Day 2 – Bruges

Bruges is such a beautiful place full of architectural wonder.  There is just so much beauty as well as chocolate in Bruges.  I especially love the old traditional horse and cart’s which you can take a ride on around Bruges.

Within Bruges there is also many lovely statues. Here is a selection of some.

Which is your favourite?

Whilst we was in Bruges me and Jason decided to go along to a chocolate making class.  It was very interesting learning from the chocolatier and watching him making chocolate.  Obviously the best part was eating the chocolate at the end.

Afterwards we walked around.  As mentioned earlier there is lots of chocolate to be had within Bruges with all chocolate coming in all shapes and sizes.  I love this cute dragon.



In the afternoon me and Jason went and swung on the swing in the pool area for adults.

We also went on the North Star.  Bit like a mini version of the London Eye a pod that goes up in the air not round and round. Was a very smooth ride and a great view from up above.

They also had an i-fly on board. We was going to initially do this but as me and Jason was only on-board for three days and with the training being over 30 minutes we decided against. I regret it though now as ever since this cruise another Quantum of the Seas class ship has not left from Southampton.   We watched some other holiday makers and other professionals though perform acrobatics within the glass dome and wow they seriously was impressive.


In the evening we bumped into Joff Eaton the best cruise director in Royal Caribbeans fleet in our opinion.  We have met him on a number of other cruise sailings so we had a good old chat.  He also told us that Brian May was on board to watch the first showing of Royal Caribbeans newest show We Will Rock You tonight.  With us being both Queen fans we both then went down to see We Will Rock You being performed but now we was more about hunting out Brian May in the audience than watching the show.


We was lucky enough and we managed to spot him in the audience with his wife Anita Dobson.  He seemed to be really enjoying the show as well as her.


We managed to get a photo with Anita in the theatre after but Brian had gone off to congratulate the performers of the show for doing a grand job.  However she said if we waited around she will bring Brian to us afterwards which she did.


Such lovely people and a great night.

Have you ever met anyone famous on board who was on holiday?

Day 3 – Le Havre

Today we decided not to get off and to make the most of the ship as this was a short cruise after all.

So we played some snooker, played quiz’s, made use of the pool, played on the dodgems, had some more hot dogs, and so much more.

Tonight was formal night and we thought we would make the evening special and dine at Wonderland.  Stepping inside Wonderland made me think of Alice in Wonderland and in how a restaurant might look if there was one in Alice in Wonderland. First things first though to reveal the menu we had to paint our menu and if by magic the words appear.  I also met the chef Gary Thomas which is Royal Caribbeans most well known and honoured chef in the fleet. He was lovely and I hope to meet him another time on a future cruise.

All the food at Wonderland reminded us both of food which Heston Blumental would most likely create in his restaurants with eggs under a dome of smoke.  So many different combinations and tastes. Even though everything looked amazing though with it’s magical elements me and Jason did not like it all only a few dishes.  The desserts though were fantastic.

After we went and watched the amazing ventriloquist Paul Zerdin perform on stage.  We have watched him perform before on Britain’s Got Talent on television and in real life in theatres in London.  He did not disappoint as like usual his show was a triumph with so much laughter and entertainment by him and Sam and his other friends, sorry I mean puppets.

On the way back to the cabin we bumped into Mr Piano Man again this time he was outside the pub.


With this being the last night it was my last towel animal joy.  Tonight it was a pig. Here are all my towel animals which I received throughout my entire cruise. A monkey, elephant and pig. My favourite being the monkey.

Which is your  favourite?


Day 4 – boarding the ship at Southampton

Off with our bags today and back home.  I will miss you Anthem of the Seas.


Highlights and negatives


  • The show We Will Rock You and bumping into Brian May.
  • Watching and meeting Paul Zerdin as he in our opinion is the best ventriloquist in the whole wide world.
  • North Star
  • The Piano Man
  • The Escape Room


  • Wonderland restaurant as we did not particularly like the food but we loved the whole concept and look.


Pre-book any speciality dining restaurants to secure a table as they can get booked quickly.


As we took this cruise many years ago and we was not writing a blog back then we have not got a complete log and this is all on memory.

Have you sailed on Anthem of the Seas recently and if so isn’t she stunning?


NOTE: Royal Caribbean is always updating and improving their ships so I am sure that since my trip it has been updated. Discover the latest about Voyager of the Seas and upcoming itineraries via clicking here.


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