Oceana 28 September 2017

7 Night Mediterranean cruise

Malta, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Venice, Split, Malta

Our eleventh cruise together

We chose to sail on P&O Oceana to revisit Venice where we got engaged over 11 years ago plus this was our 10th wedding anniversary year.  So what better way that to revisit Venice, Malta the country my dad is from and take in new places we have not visited before of Dubrovnik, Hvar and Split.


B227 – Balcony cabin at the … (…..) of the ship.

Royal King Size bed, Balcony, TV, telephone, minibar, bathroom with shower, vanity area and a hair-dryer.

The cabin was spacious and with a balcony most certainly made it feel bigger and light.

As we was on deck ………… we had cabins situated above us and below us making this a great quite interrupted stateroom.

Our cruise adventure log    

On this cruise we visited Malta in where my father was born, visited many Croatian city’s and visited Venice in where we got engaged many many years ago.

Day 1 – Boarding the ship at Malta, Valletta

Today was the day in boarding P&O’s Oceana so we checked in at the cruise port and quickly put our bags in the cabin as we landed late in the afternoon and wanted to make the most of Malta whilst the ship was still docked.

Malta consists of a variety of small archipelago. You’ll find prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves and history.  Malta is also famous for it’s many movie locations.

P&O Oceana - Sept 2017 - Malta

Plus this is where my father and his parents were born which makes me half Maltease.

Even though I have visited Malta many times beforehand throughout my life I just had to get off and take Jason to the most famous, oldest and best cafe in Valletta Cafe Cordina to have one of their traditional pastizz and some of their amazing desserts.  As always the food lived up to it’s expectations.

A pastizz is a traditional savoury pastry. Pastizzi usually have a filling either of ricotta or mushy peas Pastizzi are a popular, traditional and well-known Maltese food.

On returning to the ship we had a beautiful view of P&O’s Oceana.  She looks so elegant and pretty with her slick pointed front.

P&O Oceana - Sept 2017 - me outside ship at Malta

Inside she is also elegant with her stairs and many statues / artwork that don the areas within the ship.

Before setting sail and leaving Malta in the evening we had to have the regular fire drill which is mandatory on all ships before leaving port so on with the fetching orange life jacket.

Afterwards we went and dined in Cafe Jardin (an extra cost to eat here).  All the dishes have been inspired by Gino D’Campo a famous Italian celebrity chef.  I am a fan of Gino and the food certainly lived up to expectation.

When it came to dessert I just had to have a trio of desserts, which John Cooper of Vision Cruises would agree to I am sure.   The desserts were certainly yummy but maybe a bit to large.

Afterwards we went to the casino and then turned in for the night.

Like any cruise line you always get a newsletter of what classes, activities and shows are happening the next day so you can plan your day.  P&O’s is called Horizon.

P&O Oceana - Sept 2017 - Horizon

Day 2 – At sea

Today was a sea day and first things first breakfast time.  We went and ate in the buffet area which even though small had a good selection of food.

We then decided to take in some more of the ship’s decor and there is so much fun and unusual art decor from parrots to blown glass.  Here are a few of my best.

We also came across a life ring with the words of Oceana written on it.

We also discovered that Princes Anne was also the godmother of this ship.

P&O Oceana - Sept 2017 Dubrovnik - picture

During the morning we attended a class about diets which was quite interesting.  However we both love our food too much.  So we won’t be taking up the diet suggestions.

Afterwards we went and had a swim in the pool well Jason did and I just bounced around the pool as I can’t swim so I do a kangaroo hop.

P&O Oceana - Sept 2017 - pool

For lunch we went and ate in the main dining room for an Asian lunch.  Usually we would dine in The Sindhu for an Indian but unfortunately Oceana does not have a P&O Sindhu restaurant on board so this laid on Asian Luncheon was the closest thing to it.  The food was good but did not taste like an authentic Indian.

In the afternoon we went and played some quiz’s.

This evening was formal night.

P&O Oceana - Sept 2017 - Joanne and Jason

We went and ate tonight in the main dining area called the Ligurian Restaurant. The food was surprisingly good I say surprisingly as usually the food in the main dining area I don’t like so much as always luke warm but this was not.

After we went to watch a show at the theatre called Encore.  The seats were really comfy and the theatre was a good size.  The show was really entertaining with it’s singing and dancing.

Plus whilst watching the show you even had somewhere to place your drinks as the seats had a table stored within the arms.

Then onto a bit of gambling at the casino from Roulette to Black Jack then time for bed to dream about what Dubrovnik might bring.

P&O Oceana - Sept 2017 - casino

Day 3 – Dubrovnik

Upon entering Dubrovnik we took in the views on our balcony by eating breakfast on it.

Dubrovnik is a very popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Dubrovnik is known for it’s great seafood and stunning architecture and views but it is also now known for the ever so popular Game of Thrones which has been filmed there and Star Wars Episode 8.

For us today we had an excursion booked with P&O to take us on a cable car, a buggy tour followed by a tour of the city.

The cable car is a popular tourist attraction and from up the top is an amazing view of the city.

Forget walking and coaches to take in the rest of Dubrovnik we decided to take a buggy instead.  So got dressed in our orange protective gear and chose our buggy. Jason just had to have the number 7 buggy as that is his lucky number. We saw many amazing rocky and desert like landscapes on the way and great views. We even went and visited an outpost where Dubrovnik defended their country from the war.

Afterwards we then had a tour around the city and found out that Star Wars Episode 8 was filmed here.

We also came across many unusual buildings and shops with interesting items to buy such as these unusual masks.

We also had an amazing ice cream so creamy and full of flavour.  Certainly one of the best ice creams we have eaten.

P&O Oceana - Dubrovnik Sept 2017 - icecream

After the excursion we decided to explore Dubrovnik on our own and take a boat trip over to the popular Island of Lokrum where Game of Thrones was filmed.  Upon entering the island we discovered some Segways so we decided to take the segway to tour the island rather than on foot. However the terrain was so bumpy full of rocks and roots of trees it was quite nerve wrecking. Jason even fell off due to the terrain but it was fun, though I would not recommend to anyone that has not ridden on a segway before.

On our journey we came across the Game of Thrones throne which we was told was the real original one that was used in the series.  However my sister Sarah and brother-in-law who works on Game of Thrones told us when we told them about it that it was not the real one at all as the real one resides in Ireland.

Upon this lovely island also resided many rabbits and birds which were very tame and you could feed.  So whilst we ate in a restauarant on the island the waiter kindly gave us some lettuce to feed the rabbits and birds.

Upon getting back on-board we got changed and went and ate in the Beach House (extra charge) tonight. Like usual like with any Beach House on board P&O’s ships the food was excellent.

After we went and played a quiz and enjoyed the casino before ending the night.

Day 4 – Hvar

Early in the morning I woke up to get the sunrise whilst coming into Hvar which was stunning. The photo does not do the sunrise justice.

P&O Oceana - Hvar Oct 2017 - sunrise

Before getting off to adventure in Hvar we had some breakfast. Jason with scrambled eggs on toast and me with pancake and syrup as I have a sweet tooth.

It was then onto the beautiful island of Hvar.

Hvar is an ancient city with a rich history with it’s architecture and stunning landscape.  It is a true fairy-tale city.  

We decided to explore Hvar on foot which we came across many nice beach’s, landscape and views.

When we got back on-board P&O’s Oceana we bumped into the Captain.  He was lovely.

P&O Oceana - Hvar Oct 2017 - Captain

For dinner we ate in the main dining restaurant. I especially loved the chocolate cake.

After we played some quiz’s and then called it a day.

Day 5 – Venice

Early in the morning I woke up again to catch the sunrise and what a beautiful sunrise this one was with a bright red sun and orange sky.

P&O - Oct 2017 Venice - sunrise

After the sunrise came fully up and Jason waking up we took in these stunning views from our balcony of St  Marks Square and Venice bridges.

Before heading off we firstly had some breakfast at Cafe Jardin. Unlike dinner, breakfast is not an extra cost. It was a nice place to have breakfast as was away from the crowds and the food was cooked when ordered and had not been sitting around under a heat lamp.

We had to get a ferry from where we docked in Venice as the cruises don’t dock outside St Marks Square anymore but around the corner away from the main Venice tourist areas.  Whilst on the ferry we had a great view of P&O’s Oceana.  She looked stunning.

P&O - Oct 2017 Venice - ship

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges, of which there are 400.  Venice with it’s many gondolas, canals, architectural buildings, palaces, churches and restaurants makes this an unforgettable romantic place full of ambience.

When we arrived in the main area of Venice we jumped off the ferry and took in beautiful Venice once again.  Not much has changed from 11 years back when we got engaged here.  We also manged to watch in one of the Venetian shops a woman painting a Venetian mask.

Also whilst in Venice it is great to try an authentic Italian pizza and it certainly was delicious. So fresh, thin, crisp and cheesy. Italy certainly does do the best pizzas.

After a long day of walking around Venice once boarding we then got dress and went in the main dining room with the food yet again being great.

Then on for another quiz that night before turning in for the night.

P&O - Oct 2017 Venice - quiz

Day 6 – Split

Upon arrival in Split I yet again got up early whilst Jason slept and took in the sunrise. I love the reflection with this one and the ships that are passing in the background.

P&O Oceana - Oct 2017 Split - Sunrise

Split is the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and is spread over a central peninsula and it’s surroundings.

We took an excursion today with P&O to take a rib to a small island of Split. The rib experience was exciting and full of adrenaline especially when it went over the waves.  Before going to the island we had a tapas style lunch at a hotel before heading to the small island set of Split.  The small island was clean and the sea was really blue and clear however the beach was pebbly and there was no lido’s around and no shops or cafes around either so was like being on a desert island.  Even though beautiful I would not recommend as there was nothing to do on the island apart from lay on the pebbly beach and the pebbles were sharp.

Once we returned from the beach on the rib me and Jason decided to abandoned the walking tour with the excursion woman and took in the buildings, shops and sights of Split by ourself.

When we got back on board and dressed for formal night I went and attended a sail away party whilst Jason done a 5pm quiz.

P&O Oceana - Oct 2017 Split - Joanne and flag

I then met Jason in the main dining restaurant for our evening meal. I especially loved the asparagus starter and the desserts. As this was our last night of us dining in the main dining room as we had the Beach House booked for our last meal tomorrow we just had to get a photo with the waiters as they were superb and really did make our dining experience a great one.

Day 7 – At sea

Today was our last day on board unfortunately but with so much to do we did not get bored.

Apart from quiz’s, the casino and shows to attend we also went and watched a chef doing fruit carving.

The waiter even made me a special flower out of tissue napkin and gave it to me.

We even went and watched some ice sculpting in which he made a lovely seahorse.

For lunch between the fun we went and ate in Cafe Jardin which I had some ravioli and Jason a calzone.

For dinner we went and ate at the Beach House in which we both had our favourites (sizzling steak).

For the evening entertainment we watched the ever so funny comedian / magician Mandy Muden. At first we both did not know what to make of her with her cockney accent and slapstick magic but in fact she was really funny and we was both quite impressed by her at the end.   What a fun way to end the day and the cruise holiday.

P&O Oceana - Oct 2017 - magician

Day 8 – Disembarking at Malta, Valletta

Today was the day to disembark and we both will miss this small and elegant ship. Everyone on-board made this cruise a great one and with a great itinerary visiting many places in Croatia made this one a very magical one.  We both highly loved Dubrovnik and will certainly be looking to visit again in the future.

P&O Oceana


Highlights and negatives


  • Dubrovnik the island of …….. and feeding the rabbits and birds
  • Dubrovnik cable car ride
  • Dubrovnik the buggy ride
  • Ice Carving on-board
  • Mandy Muden for her comical funny magic show


  • That Sindhu and a Glass House was not on-board this ship.


Make sure that if booking a buggy ride you meet the required weight limits.


As we took this cruise last year and we was not writing a blog back then so these are memories from which I can remember of our trip.

Have you sailed on Oceana before and what did you think?


NOTE: Royal Caribbean is always updating and improving their ships so I am sure that since my trip it has been updated. Discover the latest about Voyager of the Seas and upcoming itineraries via clicking here.


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