Britannia 20 April 2019

7 night Spanish cruise

Southampton, Cherbourg, La Coruna, Bilbao, Guernsey, Southampton 

Our fifteenth cruise

For a break away from the hustle and bustle of London and the English weather we decided to book a week cruise over Easter on the lovely Britannia  which we have sailed on before.


….ā€“ Balcony cabin within the middle of the ship.

Royal King Size bed, TV, telephone, minibar, bathroom with shower, vanity area and a hair-dryer.

This cabin was located near the stairs and lifts

Our cruise adventure log    

We booked to go on Britannia to experience what Easter would be like on a cruise.

Day 1 ā€“ boarding the ship at Southampton 

Upon arriving at the Southampton terminal I could see Britannia. Like always when seeing the ship I get ever so excited.

Once parked and checked in it was onto Britannia P&O’s flag ship.

Upon stepping on board into the Atrium area immediately we were greeted by a display of Easter Eggs. The resistance of not eating them was hard but I knew they were only for display purposes so most likely not fit for consumption. The Easter Eggs stayed there until Monday before they were taken away.

Anyway after drooling over the chocolate eggs it was time to unpack and get our life jackets ready for the fixed fire drill which everyone has to attend.

Like usual we looked ever so fetching in our jackets.

After all the seriousness of learning how to be safe on board and how to put on our jackets properly we got dressed and headed to have dinner within the main dining room.

Tonight I chose the tomato soup, pork and sticky toffee pudding which all tasted really good so flavoursome. The only downside though about the food in any main dining room on board any cruises is that the food can tend to be luke warm and I prefer hot food. Jason had sliced beef and swordfish plus the sticky toffee pudding.

Day 2 – Cherbourg

Arriving at Cherbourg we could see the largest submarine in the world from our window which we got very excited about as we had planned to visit within this submarine before our cruise so to see it from above was fab and from our balcony.

Firstly once we stepped off the ship time for a quick pic before boarding a mini road train to give us a tour of Cherbourg as we have never been and it did not disappoint as we went through a quaint village and a large garden.

It was now time for me and Jason to enter the submarine at Le Redoutable within La Cite de La Mer which we have been thinking about for quite some weeks as was a pre planned must thing to do for us in Cherbourg.

There was so much to explore as you can see from the photos above and I even got to lay in one of the crews bunk beds, ok the bottom one but it just shows you the cramped conditions that the crew had to endure. I was surprised though how big the kitchen was though.

We then headed to see the Titanic museum which was within the same vicinity as the submarine. Why is there a Titanic museum here will it is because this is one of Titanics first stops from her way from Southampton which she joined tender ships SS Nomadic and SS Traffic in Cherbourg at the harbour, which were ready to ferry passengers out to the luxury liner. Titanic was late arriving though at Cherbourg by some considerable time but when it did eventually arrive around 6.35pm the ready tendered ferries started to transport passengers.

It was quite aw inspiring and sad at the same, even though I know the story and what happened to Titanic every time I got to a museum or watch a film on the ship it always makes me feeling sad. I loved the recreation of the rooms such as the cabins which they would of looked like on board.

We then went along to gaze at the fish within The Ocean of the Future within Le Cite de la Mer to experience their brand new adventure. Set over 3 floors we discovered 17 stunning aquariums full of life and colour, and a most impressive abyssal aquarium which was 11 metres deep.

After a very eventful day we then headed back on board Britannia and enjoyed a slice of cake from Eric Lanlards counter full of cakes.

Plus even grabbed a scone to take back to our cabin to enjoy a stunning sun set.

It was now time for us to have dinner which we both opted for a light dinner of fish followed by a dessert.

Day 3 – at sea

Sailing the high seas we decided to attend a talk on P&O’s newest and upcoming ships Iona which sounds amazing and luckily I will be boarding next year.

We also attended a talk by Mike Dewar who trains dogs to help find where there might be trapped people and where the fire might of started which was very interesting, such a shame though that there was not a real dog on stage but a toy one instead.

We then went along to a talk to hear about some lovely young men via Nick the Cruise Director who are training to become a Captain one day of cruise ships.

After some very interesting talks and a nice time chilling by the pool before we knew it, it was dinner time. Tonight was formal night where people dress up in nice attire to enjoy a luxurious dinner. We both opted for the beef wellington as P&O always serve the beef wellington on the first formal night and tastes absolutely gorgeous rich and cooked to perfection medium rare.

Day 4 – La Coruna

Today we sailed into La Coruna and signing into the guest services area was no other than Gareth Gates as he was going to be performing for a few nights at the Limelight Lounge on board. This is a special dining area with special performances that can be purchased at a small extra charge but is a treat. I did not go and see Gareth though perform as as much as I like him his music is not my cup of tea but I admire him for what he has achieved.

Me and Jason decided not to get of today and decided to make most of the gaming activities which were happening with one being a game of Jinga within Broadies along with some other cruisers. I unfortunately made the tower topple.

For a sweet treat around lunchtime we both went along to Eric Lanlards cake bar and enjoyed a waffle each.

After a day of relaxation, gaming fun and sweet treats we decided to enjoy the culinary Indian delights of Sindhu. Even though Atul Kochhar has not got his name against Sinhu anymore as his contract has ended as a Food Hero the food within the Sindhu was still top notch. The Sindju is a little extra to eat there but is worth it if you love fine Indian cuisine.

After we went along and enjoyed some late night comedy.

Day 5 – Bilbao

Arriving at Bilbao even though we have been here before we decided to step off and explore on foot. Surprisingly we ended up at the Gugganheim Museum which we visited last year and the famous flowered dog so had to have a snap with it again. This time the dog was more colourful and bushier.

Upon having a nice stroll it started to rain so we decided to adventure back on board and we bumped into the lovely Gareth again who had just finished pumping it up at the gym. Look at his pecks.

For dinner we decided to be a bit different and have dinner within the Glass House and had a pint of Olly Smiths beer along with some good old fashioned fish and chips. Also we had some small dishes to taste as well. All tasted outstanding. Again this restaurant is at a small charge but you will not be disappointed as the food is piping hot and delicious.

For dessert we popped along to Eric Lanlard Market Cafe and paid to have a Knickerbocker glory which was glorious.

Tonight’s evening entertainment was a magic show which Stephen Mulhern had created for P&O called Astonishing and it was astonishing.

Today when I arrived to the our cabin I was presented with a lovely pig towel animal from the cleaner.

Day 6 – at sea

As we were at sea today we decided to pay to take behind the scenes tour of the kitchen and enjoy a special lunch. It was very interesting I got to decorate my own plate and even got to serve up my own food from the pass before heading back into the main dining room.

For afternoons entertainment we enjoyed some kid magic by Josh of Big Kids. He was quite amusing but quite slap dash but the kids did not care as it made them laugh. I don’t think though that they are in business anymore which is sad as Josh had such a great personality and really did get the kids laughing.

For some more afternoon entertainment we had a go at bingo as was the big jackpot today. I always tend to do bingo on the last day at the money for the jackpot is usually higher as has rolled over throughout the cruise. Alas did not win.

For dinner we both enjoyed fish dishes followed on by a trifle and a sweet summer fruit pudding.

Like on all cruises we tend to stick to the same table even if freedom dining as so we get to have the same waiters over and over. As this was going to be our last night in the main restaurant as we like to finish any of our cruises with a special meal we decided to grab a pic with the waiters whom were ever so accommodating.

Day 7 – Guernsey CANCELLED altered to Southampton

We were supposed to of being heading to Guernsey today but unfortunately due to the bad winds it was not possible to visit so the captain decided to take it slow and head on back to Southampton.

With that in mind we decided to have a lay in then just before lunch time we grabbed a scone and enjoyed it within our cabin.

In the afternoon we arrived back at Southampton and could see the car park and harbour full of lovely yachts. Question is though I wonder where our car was?

Even though we had arrived at Southampton a day earlier we could not step off the ship as they did not have security clearing so we all had to stay on board. Some people were a bit annoyed about the decision as there was not much happening either on board. We decided to just chill in the cabin and watch some movies.

For our last evening meal on board Brittania we headed to the Beach House which serves the most amazing sizzling juicy fillet steak which come on a lava rock. This is an extra cost to eat at the Beach House but trust me it is worth it.

Day 8 – disembarking Southampton

Today was the day to go home so a fond farewell to Britannia it has been a pleasure. Until next time.

Highlights and negatives


  • The magic show Astonishing
  • The speciality restaurants of the Beach House, The Glass House and The Sindhu
  • Submarine at Cherbourg
  • Kitchen tour
  • Meeting Gareth Gates


  • Could not eat any of the Easter Eggs which were on display and none could be bought on board
  • There seemed to be a lack of entertainment to be enjoyed on board this Easter cruise for some bizarre reason


You can remove your gratuities and pay as you please.  See the reception to fill out a form to remove.

The Juke box is free to use.

Have you cruised on Britannia before and if so what did you think?

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