Cagliari, the capital of the province and the region, is located at the heart of the beautiful Bay of the Angels. Like Rome, it was built on seven hills, which identify the historic neighbourhoods of the city.

Visually stunning, Cagliari can trace its history back thousands of years to Roman times and features many museums, historic churches and ancient artefacts. Most of the city’s impressive attractions can be seen just by walking through the walled Castello area with its winding alleyways and open piazzas. Try not to miss the 2nd Century Roman amphitheatre and the colourful botanical gardens featuring 500 different plants There is a lively covered market every weekday and Saturdays just north of the Castello and you will be spoilt for choice with restaurants in the marina area, with fish and seafood a speciality. There are numerous bars, pizzerias, and ice cream stalls along the seafront.

When you get to the dock gate there are buses/tours/taxis etc waiting.

The Cittadella dei Musei; deserves a visit. Formed by a wide central court, it is surrounded by buildings housing the city’s best artistic and historical collections: the National Archaeology Museum.

Also outside the Castello Quarter; Cagliari is crawling with intriguing sites and sights, such as the Amphitheatre and the Roman Villa of Tigellio; the Necropolis of Tuvixeddu, hundreds of tombs dating between the 6th Century B.C. and the 1st A.D.; the Grotta della Vipera (Viper’s Cave) and the Basilica of San Saturnino, important testimony to the High Middle Ages, founded 5th-6th Centuries.

Monte Urpinu; This mountain has amazing view to Cagliari and surrounding cities. You can see old military base, salt lakes, “lakes” with flamingos and city with all of the famous parts of it. Next to it there is shady park where you can spend some time after enjoying view.

Torre dell’Elefante; scale the wooden staircases to have a fantastic view (especially of the port area) of Cagliari. You should also consider the other Tower of San Pancrazio which has a better view of the inner city.

San Pancrazio Tower; is an impressive historic towel, full of history, just like its twin tower Torre d’Ellefante. Worth a visit strolling along old Catello.

One of Italy’s top botanic gardens can be found in Cagliari. It includes caves where ferns are grown, a collection of Mediterranean and tropical plants, and Carthaginian and Roman remains.

For water lovers, the Province of Cagliari is the perfect vacation spot, thanks to its beautiful beaches:
it is worth remembering, among others Tueredda, Poetto and Porto Piscinni Beaches, as well as those around Villasimius, Costa Rei and Santa Margherita di Pula, all well-known and well-equipped tourist resorts.

If you are thinking of Poetto Beach, the P&O to poetto beach transfer is £34pp. That gets you there and a sunbed at a beach lido.

By Peter Dagnall

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