Civitavecchia (the port for Rome) is quite is a strange place but interesting little town to wander around. It’s a strange mix of beauty and ugliness, some streets being unkempt and badly maintained contrasting with the more modern areas which are pristine and well kept.

There is a nice flat promenade and the fort is well worth a visit, there is a good shopping area and an interesting market

From the shuttle drop off walk straight ahead then when you get to the little fort take the street up into town on the left, eventually it turns into a pedestrianised area, veer off at some point to the left and up some steps and you are at the market.

Visit the massive Forte Michelangelo.

North of the city at Ficoncella are the Terme Taurine baths frequented by Romans and still popular with the Civitavecchiesi. The modern name stems from the common fig plants among the various pools.

From the shuttle drop off keep walking along the sea front for around 15 minutes until you reach the train station. Get on the train to the next stop, no more than 10 mins away, Santa Marinella. There is a lovely beach here and it is less than €2 each way.

There’s a waterpark at Civitavecchia, called Aquafelix… it’s on the city’s tourist web

By Peter Dagnall

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