Your ship will berth almost in the centre of, a lovely, picturesque town in Southern Norway. A pretty little seaside town. And has its own microclimate, the Fjords can be cloudy but it will be very hot and sunny in the town itself. Because of this, it is a Norwegian holiday spot with lots of yachts in a very pretty Marina.

A pleasant little place which can be covered comfortably in half a day, but a nice change from the bigger cities. There is an interesting Maritime Museum to look around, very modern and well laid out.

There is a small tourist train from ship to town centre but easily walkable. Nice town centre where there is a cathedral, fort, park with fountains and shallow pools, and of course plenty of shops

The tour to the German museum is extremely moving. There are stories of the horrendous torture the prisoners suffered and you can almost feel what it might have been like. Very thought provoking.

There is an excursion on a steam train though the surrounding countryside which is very interesting.

It is worth knowing that should you arrive here on a Sunday either accept that the most exciting thing you will do is stroll through silent streets, book an excursion or stay on board.

By Peter Dagnall

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