Although cruise lines advertise Le Havre port as the gateway into Paris – the city is over 2 hours away and can even take up to 3 hours depending on the traffic. To see the best of Paris you will need more than one day and the time it takes to get there and coming back and the cost involved it really isn’t worth it. However, if you are adamant to see Paris it is suggested you use the cruise line shore excursions as the traffic can be horrendous at the best of times so you will have the security that the ship will wait for you, if you are delayed.

If you wish to do Paris by yourself then there are hourly trains available, which will take you into Paris St Lazare. If tickets are purchased in advance from SNCF: Voyage, Transports et Logistique they will cost £30 one way for a journey that lasts 2 hours.

By Peter Dagnall

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