Skagen, is Denmark’s northernmost town and the area surrounding it. Occasionally known in English as The Scaw, it is situated on the east coast of the Skagen Odde peninsula in the far north of Jutland. Known for its Skagen watches.

This is a tender port.

A real nice city with two main areas : the port and a beautiful downtown which is full of restaurants, pubs, shops… It’s a touristic place but a must see. A very relaxed atmosphere, extremely clean and inviting.

Østerby is the most picturesque part of the town. Go for a walk along Østerbyvej and look at the beautiful houses and their gardens. When you are at the end of Østerbyvej, you will see Vippefyret (Skagen’s Lever Light) on the little hill just ahead. From the hill you can see the sea and perhaps your ship by the harbour, to the right.

Go for a walk to Iscafeen and buy a coffee, a glass of wine or a huge ice cream. Sit down outside in the sun (hopefully).

Slagter (slaughter) Munch is situated just across the open space in front of Iscafeen. This is a shop worth visiting. You might buy what you need among a vast variety of homemade and deliciously tasting products. Slagter Munch is well known in Skagen and famous in Denmark as well. People visiting Skagen always pay a visit to this shop. Slagter Munch is not far from Iscafeen.

Not far from Iscafeen and Slagter Munch is Skagen Museum, which presents some of the famous Skagen painters. This visit is a must to know some of Skagen’s history.

If you want a lunch or a dinner I will recommend Brøndum Hotels Restaurant. Brøndum is just beside the old part of the museum and has a history related to the old painters in Skagen.

And as to Skagen watches; the shop is situated just across the street from the new part of Skagen Museum.

After you have visited the museum, take a walk along St. Laurentii vej in the Midtown. This is the major shopping street. There are lots of shops.

You might rent a bicycle if you want to visit some places outside the town. There are several possibilities. One bicycle rental is just beside the railway station.

Grenen (The Branch) is the place where the Skagerak meets the Kattegat and you can stand with one leg in each sea. Try this. You will not regret the trip to Grenen.

The Sand Covered Church is also just outside the town.

By Peter Dagnall

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